How to Host a Successful Holiday Dinner in Your Apartment in Albany

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The holidays are here and with the decorations and festive cheer come holiday parties and dinners. If it’s your turn to host family dinner, or you just want to invite a few friends over for a holiday dinner party at your apartment in Albany, we have some tips and tricks to make the most of your space (…and not annoy the neighbors)!

Host a Holiday Party in your apartment in Albany1. Plan a finger-food buffet and serve from your kitchen bar

Chances are if you’re having more than four to six guests you don’t have enough room for a seated dinner. Save yourself and your guests the hassle of balancing plates on knees or any other available, semi-flat surface with a Christmas finger-food buffet.

2. Think long and hard about how your room (and guests) should flow

A common misconception when it comes to food line flow is that you should have all your food and drinks in one line for people to get everything at one time. But how often have you had difficulty juggling cups and plates and utensils? Set up your drinks area away from your food buffet and seating areas to lessen congestion and diminish the likelihood of mishaps.

3. Book your apartment building’s communal party space for the evening

If you have too many friends and family to fit in your apartment, don’t force it! Talk to our office about reserving the Sports Lounge to host your party. That way friends and family can still see your amazing new home, but you won’t annoy the neighbors. We do not charge a fee for the Sports Lounge usage and it has a capacity of 125.

4. Make sure you scope out the parking situation

The parking at Albany Lofts at One Broadway is plentiful for guests! There is off-street parking behind the building for guests as well as a full parking lot across the pond from the leasing office for guests. Communicate this information to your guests so no one is surprised at the end of the evening because their car isn’t where they left it!

5. Don’t forget the music!

Playing some soft music in the background will help with ambience and set the tone for your party. We recommend a long playlist of classical or piano holiday music – everyone will hear their favorite tunes, but almost no one will be tempted to sing along to the improvisational stylings of a jazz trio.

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