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Commute Times from Your Downtown Albany Apartment in Menands, NY

Commute Times to Albany, NY from Menands, NY

No time for sleeping during our short commute times!

If you’re looking to minimize your commute time and find an apartment that is centrally located to your employment, we implore you to consider Albany Lofts at One Broadway. Our downtown Albany apartments are located in Menands, NY which is convenient to so many cities in the Capital District of Upstate New York.

According to the US Census Bureau, the average commute time in the United States is 25.4 miles. Our apartment community is well within the range for the following cities.

Commute Times from Your Apartment in Menands, NY:

Albany, NY: From our apartments, your commute to the Capital city of Albany, NY will take anywhere from 2 minutes to 14 minutes. We are literally 2 miles from Albany, making living at this location incredibly advantageous in terms of traffic, parking and commuting.

Troy, NY: Troy is a quick 5 miles, or 9 minutes from our location. An easy jump on to I-787 and you’ll be on your way with minimal if any aggravation.

Cohoes, NY: Cohoes is only 7 miles from the Albany Lofts at One Broadway. It will take you approximately 11 minutes to commute for work or pleasure. 11 minutes too long? Consider our sister property at Harmony Mills Lofts which is located directly in Cohoes.

Schenectady, NY: Only 18 miles and a mere 21 minutes from Schenectady, you can make it to work in less than a half hour.

Colonie, NY: Colonie is a quick 12 minute ride from Menands and only 8 1/2 miles away. This gives you a convenient ride whether you’re working, shopping or visiting in Colonie!

Guilderland, NY: Arrive easily to your job in Guilderland within 20 minutes from your apartment in Menands, NY. Only 11.5 miles away, your morning commute should take around 18 minutes.

Clifton Park, NY: I-787 to 87 will take you right to Clifton Park in a mere 19 minutes. Still well within the average commute time, Clifton Park is only 17 miles from Menands.

Latham, NY: Latham is a very quick commute at only 11 minutes! Just about 6 miles away, you’ll find Latham, NY.


Apply OnlineWe understand that how long it takes you to get to work is a major determining factor when deciding on which apartment to live in. We carefully took this in to consideration when deciding to build in Menands. Our brand new apartment lofts are not only luxurious, they are located in a very appealing location to make your commute more than bearable. We urge you to schedule a tour or come to one of our Open Houses to see for yourself!