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Happy HalloweenIf you’re a kid, one of the best things about fall is Halloween. After all, what’s not to love about a holiday that encourages dressing up in costume and asking for candy? For families living in the Albany Lofts at One Broadway, there’s another bonus – you don’t have to brave the cold or rain to enjoy this Halloween tradition. In fact, we think you’ll find apartment trick or treating at the Albany Lofts is just as fun, if not better than traipsing from house to house in the suburbs. Not only are your neighbors close, but you’ll never have to argue with your ghouls and goblins about putting a coat on over their costumes again!

Here are a few tips to ensure a fun-filled night of Albany apartment trick or treating – for the costumed kiddos, as well as tenants.

Tips for Trick or Treaters

Planning to trick or treat at the Albany Lofts this Halloween? Follow these tips.

Be Respectful of Your Neighbors

Remember that trick or treating generally starts around 5:00pm and should end no later than 9:00pm. Children should also be reminded to only trick or treat at apartments that have a sign displayed on the door. (Signs are available in the leasing office.)

Supervise Young Children

While trick or treating in the building is much safer than running around on the streets, young children should still be accompanied by an adult. Remind children of all ages not to enter anyone’s apartment, and if they object to you going door to door with them, you can always watch from down the hall.

Save Treats for Later

Given the many food allergies today, children should be reminded to wait until they are back at their apartment before eating any candy. Only keep homemade treats from a trusted source, and discard any items that your child is allergic to, or that appear to have been opened or tampered with.

Tips for Tenants

If you’d like to hand out candy at your apartment this Halloween, follow these tips.

Let Trick or Treaters Know they are Welcome

Tenants who wish to hand out candy can pick up a sign at the leasing office and put it on their door to let trick or treaters know that they have candy. You’re also welcome to decorate your door with Halloween décor.

Keep Pets Away

Dogs, cats and other pets – even if friendly – should be kept away from the door. Children and pets can become scared and act unpredictably, and both dogs and cats may be tempted to slip out of your apartment and into harm’s way.

Offer Store-Bought Treats Only

Most parents will not allow their children to eat homemade treats, so it’s best to stick with pre-packaged goodies. Given the number of children with food allergies and dietary restrictions, non-food items, such as stickers, bubbles, play dough and temporary tattoos are fun alternatives to candy.

Halloween Activities & Events Near Our Albany Apartments

Whether you’re a parent in search of family-friendly Halloween fun or a thrill-seeker looking to push your threshold for fear, there’s something for everyone in the Albany region this October. Check out Fall Frights: Halloween Events Close to Your Albany, NY Apartment to learn more about the area’s haunted hay rides, ghost tours, Halloween parties and more.

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