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Babyproofing Your Apartment in Albany, NY

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Congratulations on having a baby! Now that you have that little bundle of joy in your life, it’s your duty to keep him or her safe and healthy, and the first place to start is your living space!

Whether you’re moving into a new apartment in Albany with a baby or you’re preparing your current Albany apartment for a baby-on-the-way, baby proofing is an essential part of the process. Babies are naturally curious creatures, so don’t think they’re not going to get into trouble as soon as you turn your back!

How to Make Your Apartment in Albany, NY Baby Proof

ToddlerBaby proofing an apartment however, can be a bit trickier than a house, because you want to make sure you don’t make any damage or permanent changes to your rental. To help get you started, here are some priority items to consider when starting to babyproof your apartment:

1. Choose the Right Baby Gate

Baby gates are essential for keeping your baby where you want him or her—but not all baby gates are created equal. Some baby gates require you to drill them into walls or door frames, which can damage those areas and may go against the policies in your lease. To make sure you leave no lasting damage, invest in pressure-mounted baby gates that seal off restricted areas to your baby without leaving a mark.

2. Cover Every Electrical Outlet

There’s a well known-saying among moms and dads about babies: anything they can stick their fingers into, they will. In larger spaces, parents only need to cover the electrical outlets of rooms where babies frequent, but in an apartment, any room is fair game for your baby. Play it safe and invest in electrical covers that simply pop over the outlets for quick install.

3. Invest in Cabinet & Drawer Locks

To go along with the last one, the second parenting adage is “Anything your baby can put in their mouths, they will.” A lot of apartments utilize low storage to make use of smaller spaces, and you don’t want your baby to get into the cleaning products you keep underneath your sink or food in lower cabinets for fear of ingestion. Cabinet and drawer locks are easy fixes to prevent prying hands without causing damage to the cabinets themselves.

4. Barricade Your Windows

Whether you live in a second/third story apartment—or even the ground floor—restricting access to your windows is a must. Even if the window is protected by a screen, a forceful push could have the screen popping out creating a safety hazard. Window locks can be purchased to keep windows shut, while window bar units (think a baby gate for a window) can prevent falls when you have the window open to enjoy the beautiful Upstate NY weather.

Baby & Family Friendly Apartments in Downtown Albany NY

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