Top 10 Multifamily Living Tips

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Whether it’s short- or long-term, multifamily household living can be mildly trying at best, to completely frustrating and misery-inducing at worst. But with today’s housing shortages, skyrocketing prices and frequent job relocations, multifamily scenarios are fairly common, despite the potential issues. Approaching the arrangement strategically, it turns out, may be your saving grace.

There are multiple steps you can take to foster a happy, harmonious multifamily household. Some require careful planning and organization, while others simply need a change in attitude and/or perspective. They include:

Albany apartments big enough for multi generationsCommunication is key.
Before things spiral out of control, communicate issues and concerns with one another as soon as possible. Have one-on-one conversations where appropriate, or call family meetings where everyone is present and has a turn to speak their mind. Share advice and work together to resolve conflict.

Designate a “safe” space for all.
We all need our own special, private space to retreat to, especially in a potentially cramped multi-family environment. You may have to get creative to achieve this; loft/bunk beds, moveable dividing walls and curtains over doorways can help. If you have the outdoor space, a small cottage or “mother-in-law’s” house on your property can also go a long way toward creating some welcome privacy.

Divvy-up the room duties.
Make each family in the home responsible for cleaning and maintaining one or more of the rooms, changing-up the duties on a regular, rotating basis. The kitchen is the exception: Everyone should take part in cleaning it, except for whomever just did the cooking.

Make food cooperative.
Yes, you should definitely enjoy meals together, but beyond that, make the whole process of meal planning, shopping and cooking a team sport. Take turns each month handling the various meal-time responsibilities. And make sure to include everyone’s favorite meals in the rotation, so that everyone feels included in the best part.

Be fair.
Instead of setting firm, inflexible, concrete rules, always work to be fair and respond accordingly to the given situation. Deal with each family living under the same roof in response to that family’s particular situation at the moment. Everyone in the home should do their part in keeping the household functioning, but not to the detriment of their own advancement.

Take a breather.
Give yourself permission to take a break when needed. When things in your home get a bit too hectic, loud, messy, etc., take some time to retreat to your place of sanctuary, where you can enjoy a little time off for the sake of your mental and emotional health. Don’t feel guilty; it’s essential to your productivity and well-being.

Let parents, parent.
Allow the other parents in your household to parent how they see fit, provided there are no major issues arising from their approach. It’s fine to offer parenting advice should you be asked for it, but if not, then it’s best to keep opinions to yourself.

Be patient.
Although it can be difficult to achieve, patience is a huge help in multi-family living conditions. Remind yourself to be patient when you feel your tolerance waning. It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible. Try taking deep, slow breaths and count to 10.

Get organized.
Keep important items like paperwork and mail in separate piles organized by family. Resist the temptation to stack everything in one massive pile, for all to sift through. That’s a recipe for lost mail, unpaid bills and all kinds of ensuing drama.

Be respectful.
Treating others in a multifamily dwelling with respect and kindness is hugely important, especially those who own and/or pay for use of the premises, as well as elders. Teach children from an early age to make this a top priority at all times.

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