How to Care for a Christmas Tree in an Apartment

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You’re ready to deck the halls, but you live in an apartment. Read on for the ways a Christmas Tree can bring sparkle into your space, no matter the size.

Caring for a Christmas Tree in an Albany, NY Apartment

Apartment living doesn’t mean you’ve got to settle for a Charlie Brown Christmas tree or an oversized poinsettia for festive cheer. You also don’t have to feel like Clark Griswold when his 30- foot tree breaks through all the family room windows.

Follow these steps to enjoy a beautiful tree that fills your Albany apartment with the perfect dose of Christmas feels.

Pick The Right Tree for an Albany, NY Apartment Christmas tree

When picking the right tree, first you must decide between artificial or live. Many people prefer an artificial tree because of the one-time purchase and lack of pine needle clean up. But others can’t trade in the live tree experience of picking it out or smelling the fresh scent of evergreen.

For both live and artificial trees, in an apartment it’s important to choose the right size. If you live in an apartment such as the ones in the Albany Lofts at One Broadway, you have a spacious floor plan that varies depending on whether it’s a studio, one bedroom or two bedroom apartment. Decide how much space you want to use in your apartment and pick your tree accordingly.

Choose the Best Placement for a Christmas Tree in an Apartment

christmas treeThink carefully about the best spot for your Christmas tree in your apartment. You can make this decision based on two factors: a space that works, and visibility. Is there a free corner that can fit the tree, or a piece of furniture you can easily swap out for the season? If you have other decorations that surround the tree such as a train set or nativity scene, be sure that there’s extra floor space in the area.

For visibility, ask yourself how and where you want to see the tree. Some people want to enjoy their Christmas tree while they watch TV, which means a living room position would be best. Others want the tree to welcome guests, so it needs to be visible from the entryway.

Some people value seeing their Christmas tree from outside, suggesting that a spot next to a window would be the best option. Your tree is for you to enjoy. If you want to enjoy it without turning a corner, place it where you can see it the most.

Daily Routines to care for your Apartment Christmas Tree

To help your tree live its best life, you can buy a Christmas Tree preserver solution to put in the water in the tree stand. If that fresh pine scent is all you want for Christmas, use tree-scented ornaments.

Live trees require more maintenance than artificial trees. Be sure to water your live tree daily and be prepared to vacuum or sweep up needles as they fall. Doing a bit of upkeep each day prevents a large clean up at the end of the season.

In order to avoid clutter, make sure the tree is placed near an outlet and that you have appropriate extension cords. When it comes to ornaments, if you have an abundance, consider that not every ornament must be hung every year. Think about rotating your favorites! You don’t want your tree weighed down or overpowered by stuff, even sentimental stuff.

Also, be careful to hang ornaments so they aren’t clustered or in danger of falling. No one wants to sweep up broken ornament glass as part of their daily tree care routine.

Celebrating Christmas in an Apartment

Apply OnlineMarjorie Holmes once famously stated, “At Christmas, all roads lead home.” Fill your Albany, NY apartment home with sights and scents of the season by decorating a Christmas tree. For some, all it takes is the glow of white lights to bring a wave of memories and nostalgia into a room. With a few intentional choices, your apartment can be a festive home that welcomes you throughout the holiday season.


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