New Year’s Resolutions for Your Albany, NY Apartment

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Looking to make some positive changes his year? Start with your space. Read on for 5 New Year’s Resolutions Albany, NY Apartment-dwellers can make for their best year yet.

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Apartment (and You!)

A New Year is here. You’re probably making plans for your health, fitness, relationships and career. New Year, New You, right? But as you dream big, include your Albany, NY apartment in your vision board. Small changes to your space can make a large impact on your life. These resolutions will breathe new life into your apartment, and you.

1. Meet a New Neighbor

Do you know all of your neighbors? Chances are you know the ones in the apartment closest to your own. Form a new connection with a neighbor down the hall, or on a different floor. Neighbors can become good friends and are your closest support system in case you need help, or to borrow an egg.

While the winter weather can keep you from naturally crossing paths with neighbors outside, you can drop off baked goods and a brief note introducing yourself. Include a picture even, a fun FAQ sheet about yourself, and a welcoming invite for them to stop by your apartment anytime for a quick visit.

2. Switch to Automatic Bill Pay 

Before spending time getting stuff out of your apartment, focus on making sure stuff doesn’t enter in, to begin with. Start with paper, in the form of bills. You can pay most bills automatically and transitioning accounts to automatic bill pay does take a few minutes, it’s worth it to have less paper enter your apartment each month. Be sure to look into paperless options for your health insurance as well, and cancel any catalogs or magazines that you can easily substitute with online versions.

3. Keep Something Green Alive

Get a house plant for your apartment and nurture its growth. Houseplants add natural decor and style to smaller spaces and clean the air. A plant could also be just the right-sized project for you this year. Do a little research and choose a plant (or two) recommended for beginners. Then put your new “child” in a space with light and get to work helping it thrive. You’ll be surprised at the simple pleasure provided by caring for a plant, and developing your green thumb. Feel like talking to your plant babies? Go for it. Plants are a low risk relationship. And each bit of green adds vibrancy to your apartment, putting it on the fast-track to feeling like a long-time home.

4. Clean out THAT Closet 

basketsYou know the closet. It’s the one that you shove everything into when you do a good purge. You can’t quite bear to part with the stuff, so you shove it out of sight, planning to deal with it later. Well, later has arrived! Pick a Saturday morning, make yourself some coffee, and dedicate 3 hours to dealing with the closet. Divide stuff into keep, toss, and donate piles. Then actually put the keep pile into the right places, toss out the trash and drive donations to their destinations.

If your apartment is at Albany Loft at One Broadway, you have a walk-in closet, or a California Closet, and on-site storage. With this level of luxurious space you can remain organized throughout the year. Take the time to clear out unneeded stuff from your closets and storage unit so you can access what you use, (and actually want to remember you own.)

5. Show Yourself

Make sure one item or corner in your apartment showcases you. Maybe it’s a framed record album or a favorite piece of artwork. It might be an antique chest or a gallery wall of photos. As you clean and organize your Albany, NY Apartment, hold onto pieces that tell your story.

Don’t have anything in mind? Think about photos that you can enlarge or children’s artwork you can frame. Maybe you have a set of postcards from a favorite trip that can form a collage. Open Shelving can also be a creative way to display favorite objects and make use of wall space for storage.

Telling your story within your space creates a more welcoming atmosphere for you and your guests. This isn’t just any Albany apartment. It’s your particular home, with its own special atmosphere and sense of belonging.

New Year, New [Feeling] Apartment

Welcome the New Year with a fresh approach to your apartment home in Albany. Small changes can produce significant rewards. Make this the year that you shape your apartment, and in turn let the positive changes shape you. Surround yourself with the things you love, a living plant or two, less paper to file, and new friends who are neighbors. Regardless of what’s going on out there in 2021, enjoy a great year at home in your Albany, NY apartment.

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