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7 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Albany Apartment

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Store Away Winter

Bulky winter clothes take up a lot of space, so switch out your wardrobe and move those chunky sweaters and winter coats into storage. This goes for your linens, too.  Exchange your sofa’s flannel throw for a chenille one, and change out heavy winter comforters for lighter-weight blankets and sheets.

Bonus: Flip your mattress.

Spring clean your Albany apartment

Dust, Mop & Vacuum

Even if you do these things as part of your regular cleaning routine, now is the time to put some real elbow grease into it, and get to those hard-to-reach places. Sweep the corners for cobwebs, shake out area rugs, and move furniture to mop or vacuum underneath. Dust vents, light fixtures, light bulbs and ceiling fans.

Bonus: Consider a professional carpet cleaning.

Clean Out Appliances

Even if you think you’re diligent about throwing away expired food and uneaten leftovers, pull everything out of the refrigerator, check the expiration dates and soak shelves and drawers in soap and water. Before putting everything back, wipe down lids and bottoms to remove drips and clean the interior of the fridge with a water and vinegar mixture.

Bonus: Clean the oven, microwave, coffeemaker and toaster, too.

Wash Window Treatments

Blinds, curtains and drapes tend to collect a lot of dust over the winter, so give them a thorough cleaning. Wipe down blinds with a fabric softener sheet to collect the dust and vacuum curtains and shades. If you really want to go all out, launder or dry clean fabric drapes. Just make sure to read the care labels first.

Bonus: Soak kitchen blinds in the tub with dish soap to remove grease.

Toss Old Makeup & Meds

Makeup tends to lose its glimmer after a few years and can even grow bacteria, so clean out your makeup bag. It’s the perfect excuse to splurge on the latest spring palette and a lighter-weight foundation! The same goes for your medicine cabinet. Check the expiration dates on medications and throw away anything that has expired.

Bonus: While you’re in the bathroom, change out the shower curtain liner.

Add Spring Colors & Scents

Now that your apartment is spic and span, reward yourself with some colors and scents of the season. Nothing says spring like fresh-cut flowers and potted plants, but silk arrangements can do the trick, too. Use candles, infusers or incense to bring spring’s scents indoors, and pick up some new accent pillows for your sofa or bed.

Bonus: Re-arrange the furniture in your Albany apartment, using the sun as your point of reference.

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