Decorating for the Holidays in Your Menands, NY Apartment

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To me it never really feels like the holidays until I have a few decorations up in my Menands, NY apartment and the scent of cinnamon in the air.

There are, of course, pros and cons to decorating for the holidays. Many of us travel to visit family and friends for the actual holidays, so decorating can sometimes feel futile and like an unnecessary hassle. Or perhaps no one will see the decorations but you, so what’s really the point? To these, I say: all the more reason to get creative and find yourself the perfect holiday decorations for apartments! When the snow starts falling in Menands, NY and twinkle lights start to sound better and better, give in to your more festive side and get decorating!

Decorating Your Menands NY apartment

Whether you’re celebrating a religious or secular holiday this season, there are plenty of decorations and DIY apartment decorating hacks that can help you get in the holiday spirit without breaking the bank or cluttering up your space.

1. Put a wreath on your door for you and your neighbors to enjoy

With non-damaging over-the-door wreath hangers available from many major retailers, why wouldn’t you put a wreath on your door this holiday season? Wreaths are available pretty much everywhere you look during the holidays and are also pretty simple to DIY. Wreaths are a great way to express your individuality and holiday spirit. Whether you choose a simple evergreen wreath or one made of wine corks you’ve collected throughout the year, you’re sure to smile every time you come home to your Menands, NY apartment.

2. Bring winter inside with evergreen floral arrangements

Simply filling your vases with seasonal greenery, boughs with pinecones, and sprigs of holly is a lovely and scented accent for your apartment holiday decorations. These arrangements often look better sparse with just a bough or two to pop out against your walls and furniture.

3. Speaking of florals, don’t forget the poinsettias!

Poinsettias come in a variety of colors, though the most famous are of course red. Fairly hardy without any specific light requirements, poinsettias just need to be kept moist and out of drafts. Pet owners beware: poinsettias are mildly toxic to animals. To be safe, you should keep them off the floor, out of reach, and make sure their leaves/petals don’t fall on the floor.

4. Try one of these chic Christmas tree alternatives

Small tabletop trees are usually the go-to for apartment dwellers around Christmas, but who really has room for a tree to take up an entire table? Domino has some stylish tree alternatives that don’t take up too much space and are just as fun to assemble as an actual artificial tree, if not more!

5. Use trays to group decorations

So often I used to set out a decoration and just keep moving it around, eternally dissatisfied with the placement. Then I discovered the joy of decorative trays. Putting a group of decorations on a plate or a tray automatically makes them look more purposeful and put-together. Grouping an evergreen floral arrangement with a scented candle and small giftwrapped box on a simple tray makes a perfect centerpiece for your table or accent for the bar. If you want to make it a scape, you could even add snow!

6. Don’t forget the twinkle lights!

Did you know you can put up strings of lights without damaging your apartment walls? Some solutions include simple electrical tape or the more elegant use of small Command hooks to drape the lights. Get creative with designs or simply string a few lights across the ceiling for a magical, festive atmosphere.

Our apartments are already gorgeous and look even better when seasonally decorated.

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