“Petiquette” 101 for our Apartment Community in Albany

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Pets WelcomeAdhering to apartment pet etiquette, or “petiquette,” is the key to a happy and harmonious apartment community experience, for both you and your pet. If you adhere to some basic guidelines, you’ll stay in the good graces of both your neighbors and property manager, rather than becoming an animal-owning outcast.

Here are some essential elements of apartment community petiquette, especially for dog owners:

Location, Location, Location

When walking your dog, make sure you take your pet to an appropriate area to go to the bathroom. Our apartment community in Albany has designated pet waste areas; always use these if available.

Always Pick Up

The cardinal rule of apartment petiquette is to always pick up after your dog when it defecates. We have outdoor waste stations complete with bags. You can also buy a small bag dispenser that you keep with you, attached to the leash. This is one courtesy that goes a long way with neighbors and maintenance personnel.

A Leash on Life

Always keep your dog on a leash when walking them inside and around the common areas, especially since some neighbors may be afraid of dogs. At Albany Lofts at One Broadway, we ask that you keep your dog on a leash, unless they are in the designated dog run area.

Get Your Walker On Board

You may need to hire a professional dog walker if you work long hours. If so, make sure the walker is briefed on all applicable rules for the Albany Lofts at One Broadway. We allow outside pets into the complex, but ask for notification.

Time and Place for Play

Make sure your dog gets as much outside exercise as possible, but when indoors try and be sensitive to your neighbors when it comes to pet playtime. Keep loud play activities like fetch and tug of war designated for daytime hours. (Be especially courteous to those living below you.) Also, try and keep your dog calm in common areas and the lobby. Albany Lofts at One Broadway has 3 fenced in dog runs for your use and several dog parks nearby.

Elevator Elegance

If you are entering an elevator with your dog at the same time as another passenger, always ask the rider if they mind sharing the elevator with you and your pet. Once inside the elevator, keep the leash short. If possible (as with smaller breeds), pick up and carry your dog for the duration of the ride.

Keep ‘Em Clean

Another biggie is cleaning off your dog’s paws if they are outside in mud, snow, slush, etc. Carry a towel with you so you can wipe off their paws when you enter the building. Just make sure that one way or another, you’re not leaving a trail of muddy footprints all the way up to your unit. Albany Lofts at One Broadway has a dog washing station for your convenience.

Warn Would-Be Petters

If you have a dog that doesn’t like attention, or is scared or in an agitated mood, warn others before they attempt to pet your dog. You can even wear a “no petting” vest if this is a regular occurrence. Do you know the best dog breeds for apartment communities?

Silence is Golden

A surefire way to lose friends and alienate people in your complex is to allow your dog to bark for extended periods of time. If your dog does have a barking problem, investigate reasons for the behavior and potential solutions, before the noise complaints start rolling in. Also try and get your dog on a reasonable schedule for going outside to use the bathroom and play, so that you’re not disturbing neighbors at odd hours.

Get Help, When Needed

There’s no shame in seeking expert assistance for dogs with behavioral issues like barking, aggression, anxiety, etc. A professional canine trainer can help your pooch make great strides toward becoming a model apartment dweller and citizen.

Feline Friends

Indoor house cats are pretty easy to take care of, even in an apartment setting. In most cases, diligent changing of litter is the main concern for petiquette, as you don’t want any nasty odors traveling down the hall or ruining your apartment. Keep things clean, and you and your feline friend will be welcome in our complex.

You Can Live in an Apartment Community in Albany that is Pet Friendly!

Albany Lofts at One Broadway is pet friendly and welcomes your furry friends. If you’re family includes dog, cats, turtles, fish or gerbils, you are welcome here!

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