5 Reasons To Live With A Roommate in Your Albany, NY Apartment

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When it comes to roommates, we often hear more about the drawbacks than the upsides. But what are the benefits of apartment sharing?

Apartment Sharing in Albany, NY: Benefits

Apartment sharing in Albany, NY

1. Someone knows you get home at night

So, you’re faced with the decision of whether to live on your own or look for roommates. The deciding factor probably isn’t whether or not you can afford to live alone, but rather do you want to live alone? Let’s be real for a second and admit that there’s something nice about knowing that someone is probably worried if you aren’t home by a certain time. Living with a roommate, even if that roommate is initially a stranger, is more than just a great way to save money, it’s also an important step to building community in your new home.

2. Shared utilities

Moving on from the sentimental reasons to share an Albany, NY apartment, let’s talk money. When you live with a roommate, you share not only rent, but also utilities. That cable and internet package? You’d have to pay for that regardless. Water? Electricity? Gas? You’d be paying for all of those utilities, too. Apartment sharing includes hidden savings when it comes to utilities.

3. Shared responsibilities

Fact: I am a cleaner person when I share my space with someone. I’d lay odds you are, too. Living with a roommate necessarily means sharing space, chores, cleaning, and maybe even cooking (if you’re really good roommates). Of course, before you decide that apartment sharing is for you, make sure you and your new roommate have the same approach to general cleanliness and work out an even split for the shared load of responsibilities.

4. Shared furniture, utensils, cookware, etc.

Unfortunately “My First Apartment” gift registries are still not a thing, so you probably won’t have everything you need when you’re moving into your new place. But your odds of having most of your apartment wants and necessities covered double when you have a roommate. If you are both lacking furniture and kitchen appliances, you and your new roommate will benefit from sharing the expense of furnishing your apartment.

5. Waking up to the smell of coffee

For our final benefit, I want to go back to the sentimental reasons to live with a roommate. No, it’s not always going to be like an episode of Friends, and you are absolutely going to have disagreements about who should do the dishes and whose turn it is to clean the bathroom. But is there anything better than waking up on a Monday morning to the smell of freshly brewed coffee? Or coming home after a long day to find dinner on the table and a roommate willing to share?

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