Best Tools for Those Living in a Rental Apartment

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Even though the exceptional maintenance staff at The Lofts at One Broadway will take care of any major issues in your apartment rental, it’s still a really good idea to have a few basic tools around for small handyman projects.

Why? Well, because even if you take him random cinnamon rolls every once in a while, the super is probably not going to come assemble the chair you got online or tighten the screws the movers left a little loose on your bed frame.

I’ve gathered a few of the best tools for renters for you here. While I highly recommend you get each of these tools sooner than later (or put them on your birthday list – Dads love giving tools), do yourself a favor and make sure #1, the ratcheting screwdriver, is on your next shopping list. You won’t regret it.

1. Multi-Bit Ratcheting Screwdriver

This tool will be your new favorite possession, I kid you not. With multiple sizes of each bit, this tool is all-purpose and has the added benefit of being a lot easier to use and much more versatile than traditional screwdrivers. Because it is ratcheting, you can even use this tool to loosen or tighten bolts without a wrench!

2. Staple Gun

You know what, I take it back. The staple gun might just replace the ratcheting screwdriver in your affections. All those DIY projects you’ve seen on Pinterest with the fabric covered bulletin boards and reupholstered garage sale finds? Your staple gun will do them all. Uses for your staple gun vary from turning a coffee table into a bench to dressing up your dresser. Plus, using it is SUPER FUN.

3. Claw Hammer

Not as sexy as the screwdriver or staple gun, you should probably still make sure you have a hammer lying around. Go to the hardware store and feel a few. Find one that feels balanced and that you can swing comfortably and accurately. (Just make sure you get a claw hammer because it will not only hammer but also remove your, ah, “practice” nails.) Depending on your lease, you may or may not be allowed to hang pictures with nails. (If you’re not allowed to damage the walls, or just don’t want to deal with it, Command strips work really really well.) But even if you’re not

allowed to hang things on the walls, you should still have a hammer around. They’re surprisingly handy.

4. Tape Measure

Also not terribly exciting, a tape measure (make sure you get one that locks!) is an essential tool for anyone – renter, owner, college student… you name it! Wondering if that table will fit? Measure! Not sure what length your curtains need to be? Measure!

5. Utility Knife

These little guys are so great at opening Amazon boxes. I know, I know…so are scissors. But don’t be rude and dull your scissors like that! Utility knives are also great for making precise cuts for all those DIY projects you’re going to get up to with your super fun staple gun! (Just be careful, they’re sharp. Really sharp.)


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