Choose the Best Pet for Your Apartment in Downtown Albany

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When you live in an apartment in Albany, the types of pets that fit your lifestyle are somewhat limited. Before you go searching on PetFinder for the new star of your social media feeds, make sure that you are aware of our pet friendly policies and take a moment to consider what it would mean to add a pet to your life and lifestyle.

Let’s be real, there are only so many cute dogs you can follow on Instagram or adorable cat videos you can watch on YouTube before vicarious pet-owning gets a little old and you feel the itch to have a furry (or not-so-furry) companion of your own.

The Best Pets for Apartment Living

Pet Friendly Living in Albany

I can haz cats, plz?
Yes! Cats are excellent apartment dwellers. Because indoor cats don’t go outside and are very self-sufficient, these adorable and furry little domesticated lions are perfect, relatively low-maintenance companions.

It’s the Betta to my Alpha.
Fish aren’t cuddly, but they do make really great apartment pets. They don’t make noise, they don’t need to be taken out, and pretty much all you have to do is feed them and keep the tank clean. Beta fish are especially intriguing for people living in smaller apartments because their plant-filled tanks double as decoration!

I don’t have any hedges for it to hog, but…
Hedgehogs are having a moment. It’s difficult to go anywhere on Instagram or Pinterest without running across one of these adorable little spiky balls. Like hamsters or guinea pigs, Hedgehogs make good pets in small spaces, but they are not for everyone. First, hedgehogs are illegal in some cities and states, so before you fall in love make sure it’s okay for you to have one. Second, hedgehogs have ‘tude. They can be very loving with their owners, but they also require a lot of patient handling first.

Thanks, but I already have car insurance!
Geckos and lizards also make good apartment companions if you’re more into the scaley type of pet. Fairly low maintenance, these little guys just need a warm, clean aquarium and a non-squeamish owner.

The Worst Pets for Your Apartment in Albany

Bringing a dog to your apartment in Albany?Man’s best friend and apartment’s worst nightmare?
Sorry! But dogs really don’t make great apartment pets. With a few exceptions of the lap dog variety, dogs have too much energy for apartment living. Dogs really do best when they have a fenced yard to run and play in, though smaller breeds like the Boston terrier, Cavalier King Charles spaniel, or Maltese (among others) will do ok in an apartment setting. But don’t forget that living in an apartment with a dog, even a small one, will mean going out several times a day in all sorts of weather for potty breaks and exercise! Should you desire a doggie, we have a fenced in dog run on premises.

Polly wants a cracker… now!
I’ve seen birds on the list for best pets to have in an apartment, but I have to disagree. Parakeets don’t make too much noise, it’s true, and they can be very loving pets, but constant chirping might annoy the neighbors and it wouldn’t be fair to the bird to always have to pull the cover over its cage.

Just because Pottermore sorted you into Slytherin…
…Does not mean you need a snake. Whether snakes make good pets at all is a discussion I will leave for another day. I admit to being a bit prejudiced against even the most innocuous of the species, but snakes just objectively do not make good apartment pets. Choosing to live in an apartment means accepting that you will have close neighbors whose dwellings are connected to yours. Snakes often escape their aquariums. 2+2= ?

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