Don’t Get Locked Out of Your Albany Apartment

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Getting locked out happens. Maybe you forget your keys somewhere, maybe your cat is upset that you changed her kitty litter, or maybe you are even having a run on bad luck and lock them in the car while it’s sitting in your parking lot. So close… yet so far.

Luckily for those of us with no luck, there are some easy ways to get back in our apartments.

keys1. Make it Routine to Check for Your Keys

Wallet? Check. Phone? Check. Keys? Check. It’s pretty easy to get into a routine of checking to make sure you have everything before you leave the house or the office or a restaurant or a friend’s house.

2. Have a Key Buddy.

You’ve heard of the buddy system, right? Well, it’s not just for bathrooms. Find a neighbor or friend (preferably fairly close by) who you trust with your spare key. This way it’s not just sitting under the mat or above the door frame. You can even offer a fair exchange and keep their spare key in your apartment. (Thinking on it, you may want to make this a Key Triumvirate, just to be safe.)

2. Put a Spare Key With Something You Always Have

Aside from wearing a spare key around my neck, I’m not convinced that there’s one single object I’d always have with me. That said, smartphone and tablet cases make excellent locations for spare keys (and it’s not a bad idea to keep a $20 in there too, just in case). I do not recommend keeping your spare in your wallet with your license, however. If your wallet were stolen, you would need to replace all your cards AND your locks.

3. Return to Your Youth and Memorize Some Phone Numbers

I will never forget the sinking feeling when I got locked out of a college apartment without my phone OR my keys. Do yourself a favor and memorize your roommate and SO and Key Buddy’s phone numbers because chances are there’s going to be a time when you are going to need one or all of them while your phone’s rather astounding memory isn’t in the palm of your hand.

4. Keep Important Numbers and Information in the Cloud

Albany Lofts at One Broadway has a 24 hour emergency maintenance phone number if you find yourself in a bind. Keep important numbers like the building manager, property manager, landlord, local locksmith, and non-emergency police in a document on the cloud that you can access from any device, any time. This way, if you are unfortunate enough to be sans keys and phone but find a good samaritan willing to lend you their smart phone, you can still quickly access the info you need and get help.

5. Call the Locksmith of Last Resort

Let’s face it, you are not going to lock yourself out at a time that is super convenient for you and everyone else. Hopefully by this point some of your failsafes have kicked in. The locksmith should be your last resort because they can a) take a long time, b) be very expensive, and c) cause damage to your lock, door, and frame (which you would have to repair).

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