Furnished Apartments in Albany: Not Just for Business Professionals

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If you are in the market for a new apartment, but don’t have a lot of furniture, you may want to consider looking at the furnished apartments in Albany that we offer here at Albany Lofts at One Broadway. While they have traditionally served as temporary housing for traveling executives or business professionals whose jobs require frequent relocation, furnished apartments are also ideal for first-time renters, students and anyone in transition, such as recent divorcees.

More tenants than you might think are opting to make these amenity-stocked accommodations their permanent home, and the perks are worth considering.

Less Stress
When you’re looking for an apartment, there’s a lot to consider – budget, location and amenities, among other things. Do you really need the added stress of packing up a moving truck, or shopping for all new furniture? When you rent a fully furnished apartment, all you need is your clothing and keepsakes. No more moving furniture and figuring out how it all fits in your new space, or shopping endlessly for the perfect pieces.

Cost Savings
Moving is costly. Whether you do it yourself or hire professionals, the cost of boxes, packing supplies, and transportation adds up. And, if you’re just starting out, there’s the expense of buying all new furniture. You could bargain hunt, garage sale and seek out hand-me-downs, but in the end, you’ll still probably spend more than what it will cost to rent a furnished apartment with coordinating furniture that fits the space. Plus, when you move, you’re back to paying to transport it all.

If you’re in transition, a furnished apartment rental offers convenience and flexibility. This is especially helpful for students living off-campus or anyone who is unsure of their long term plans in a particular place. If you’re preparing to relocate for a new job, it allows you time to settle into your new surroundings and slow down the decision-making process. Likewise, if you’ve recently been through a divorce or separation, you can move on with your life while you sort out the division of belongings with your ex. Remodeling your home and need to vacate the premises while it is being worked on?

Looking for Furnished Apartments in Albany?

You’ll find a variety of living options at the Albany Lofts at One Broadway, including studios, 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments, as well as furnished apartments, all with one-of-a-kind floor plans.

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