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Pet Friendly Apartment Albany, NY | Keeping Dogs Quiet

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Pet friendly apts in Albany have their perks, but can be frustrating when your neighbors start complaining about your noisy dog. No one wants to be that neighbor; but how do you control your dog when you’re not around? Barking is often the biggest complaint, but even the sound of your dog jumping off the furniture or scratching at doors can create problems. Luckily, there are a few steps you can follow to help keep your dog quiet and your neighbors happy while you are away.

A Tired Dog Is a Quiet Dog
A dog that is not exercised enough will get restless and bored. That combination is bad news, not only for your neighbors, but for your apartment. A bored dog will start looking for things to do, barking at every little noise, getting into the trash, literally bouncing off the walls…etc… To combat this, set aside some time before you leave to tire them out. Yes this may mean getting up earlier, but it is worth it. A short 20-30 minute walk or romp around the area can do wonders for keeping your dog out of trouble with the neighbors. We have a fenced in dog run for just this purpose. If you are unable to give your dog enough exercise yourself, perhaps hiring a dog walker is a better solution.

Reduce Outside Stimulation
Dogs don’t typically bark incessantly for no reason. Often times it is because they see or hear something they perceive as a threat. Something as simple as seeing someone walk by, or hearing someone slam a car door can set them off. Things that excite your dog, such as seeing a squirrel in a tree just outside your living room window, can also cause them to go into a barking frenzy. Consider closing your curtains before you leave for work in order to reduce your dog’s urge to bark. Turning on the TV, radio, or a white-noise machine can also help block out trigger sounds and help soothe your dog while you are gone.

Keep Your Dog Busy
You may be gone, but that doesn’t mean your dog has to be bored while he waits for you to get home. Invest in some puzzle toys for dogs to keep your pooch busy and out of trouble when you leave your apartment. If your dog loves bones, consider giving them one before you leave. They will spend hours enjoying their favorite treat and less time barking.

Consider Crate Training
Your dog could be barking because he is nervous about being alone in your apartment in Albany. Crate training is a perfect solution. Once trained, the crate becomes his safe haven. When he feels protected and safe you will find his urge to bark diminishes significantly. If your dog has separation anxiety, throw in an old shirt or something else that smells like you to help keep your dog calm while you are gone.

Diffuse the Noise
Your dog running around or jumping off the furniture can be as annoying to your neighbors as the barking. There are many noise reducing accessories you can add to your apartment to help absorb noise. Invest in thick drapes or several layers of fabric as curtains to help block noise. Carpets also are great for reducing noise. If you don’t want to carpet your entire living space, consider area rugs in high-traffic rooms such as the living room. Bookshelves, wall art, and more can also help to block noise. Adding sound absorbing materials like felt or foam in between the wall and furniture or wall hanging will increase the sound-proofing effect.

Communicate with Your Neighbors
If your neighbors have already expressed their irritation with the noises your dog makes, be sure to have a conversation with them. If you have just moved into your pet friendly apt in Albany, your dog may simply need time to adjust to his new surroundings. Other times it could be a training issue. Let them know you are taking steps to address the issue, but the problem will not be solved overnight. Most neighbors will be understanding if they know you are trying to solve the problem. After all, chances are they chose a pet friendly apartment because they are animal lovers themselves. If after applying these tips you are still getting complaints, perhaps it is time to enlist the help of a dog training professional.

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