Indoor Activities to Beat the Winter Blues

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Winter in the Albany, NY, area can be a long, cold season, prompting many residents to spend a good deal of time indoors. As the season wears on, filling all those indoor hours with activity can become quite a challenge.

So, if you’re not out skiing, snowmobiling and ice fishing, and are spending those winter hours indoors, despair not; there are plenty of ways to make good use of that time, and keep your sanity, too. Here are some suggestions for keeping busy and beating the winter blahs in your Albany, NY apartment:

Plan A Summer Vacation
Nothing gets your mind into a happy place during winter quite like dreaming up your summer vacation plans. A long winter’s day offers a great chance to spend some time surfing online, looking at potential warm-weather destinations for that next big trip with friends and family. You may also find great travel deals during the winter holidays.

Take an Online Class
All that time spent indoors also offers a great chance to invest some time in yourself, by taking an online class or tutorial. Adding new skills to your resume or just for your own personal edification can significantly boost your mood and self-esteem, which may take a beating during those bleak winter months. And if you take classes during the winter, you won’t feel like you’re missing out on what’s happening outside.

If you’re going to be spending the winter indoors, why not dress up your surroundings? The winter is a great time to redecorate your Albany, NY apartment and generally fix-up all those places in the house that you’re too busy to deal with at other times of the year. Plus, you’ll feel great when it’s done.

Reach Out
During the frenetic pace of life, we often forget to stop and take a moment to reconnect with friends and family who we haven’t spoken with in some time. The winter is the ideal season for finally breaking the silence, especially during long, snowy days. Spend an afternoon chatting with friends and loved ones over the phone, Skype or FaceTime, and you won’t feel like you’re trapped in an ice cave, alone.

Crafts, in general, require a certain degree of time and attention that you may not have during the busy months. This winter, try your hand at scrapbooking (if you haven’t already) and see how engaging and rewarding it can be. Make scrapbooks of your child’s art work and/or accomplishments, or make a book to give to a friend as a gift.

Binge-Watch TV
The beauty of modern streaming technology is we no longer have to wait each week for the latest installment of our favorite TV shows; many services, like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, offer entire seasons of shows that are ready to stream on-demand. Find a show you’ve been meaning to watch for some time, then sit down and let it roll. Pause when you need more snacks or a bathroom break.

Keeping fit is a proven way to boost your mood, and winter is the chance to tone-up before bathing suit season. Even if you can’t get out of the house in winter to go to the gym, there are plenty of ways to exercise inside your apartment without using fancy equipment. Try using free weights and/or a good fitness DVD to burn calories, and indoor hours, all winter long.

Get Organized
Is there a junk drawer, desk or closet that you’ve been avoiding cleaning up for way too long? Winter is your excuse to spend some time on such activities, so dive in and get organized. You’ll feel great about getting something accomplished that you may have been dreading, while also feeling the satisfaction of seeing a clean, tidy space every time you open that drawer or door.Snowed in to your Albany, NY apartment?

Reading is a great way to relax, learn and inspire yourself, but all too often we don’t have the time. Well when winter arrives, suddenly that time is available. Make a list of all those books you’ve been meaning to read, and then get to it! It’s incredibly cathartic to spend a leisurely afternoon curled up on the couch with a good book, so make time for this simple pleasure.

Make Movies
If you spend time filming videos throughout the year, oftentimes those videos just pile up, unused and disorganized. Use the winter as your cue to transform into a full-fledged auteur, turning all that raw video footage into movies you’ll be proud to show off. Find some video editing software that’s right for your budget and skill level, and get started! Before you know it, you’ll be ready for the big premiere.

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