Starting the New Year with Organized Apartments

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No matter how spacious your apartment, there is always at least one corner or closet or desk or pile of magazines where the space isn’t being used so wisely or could stand to be, well, a little more organized. (Don’t look at me like that – I’ve heard about your secret Pinterest boards.)

With your loft-style apartments, clever organization is more important than ever because there’s so much exposed space. We’ve come up with some apartment organization hacks for our Menands NY apartment building, the Albany Lofts at One Broadway. But don’t be fooled by the specificity – these hacks work virtually anywhere!

1. Trays are magic

Trays are the easiest possible way to make clutter look intentional. Do you have a bunch of stuff you like to keep on your coffee table (for example: lotion, remotes, coasters, a candle, and the odd bobby pin)? PUT IT ON A TRAY. Don’t believe me? Try it. Done? Good. So… I was right, right? Your coffee table immediately looks organized and chic. You’re welcome.

2. Use the same type of hanger for all your clothes

Your closet doesn’t have to be a war zone. Using the same type of hanger for all your clothing not only looks nice, it also means that the clothes hang next to each other better! Other tips for hacking your closet include using special folding methods (like this cool one from Marie Kondo) and just generally being better about putting things away after you use them.

3. Fall in love with baskets and boxes

There’s a reason all the super organized people in your life love the Container Store… It’s because containers look super organized. Dirty little secret: what’s inside the boxes and baskets doesn’t have to be super organized because no one sees it!! Of course, containers can also be very organized on the inside, if that’s your jam.

4. Invest in drawer organizers

I’ve seen your desk drawers. They look like mine! Take this time to really sit down and go through old papers, create files, and pretend like you’re going to keep up your filing system for the rest of the year. Then promise yourself you’ll really do it next January. Also, don’t forget to go out to Target and get in-drawer and desktop organizers for the paperclips and pushpins you’ve been moving with you since you graduation. You’re definitely going to need them one day.

5. Repurpose common organizational items for entirely unrelated functions

Got an old over-the-door shoe rack? Use it to store your cleaning supplies. Got a hanging file sorter thing? Use it to control your reusable shopping bags. Is your recycling piling up in one corner while all your cords are getting tangled across the room? Upcycle your used toilet paper rolls and use them as cord holders! (No, really, don’t do this. This is gross. Idk why anyone would suggest doing that.)

If you couldn’t tell by now, the trick to organizing your Menands NY apartment is actually way easier than all these life hack articles would have you believe, and I’ll tell you the secret: get rid of the stuff you don’t need, find a home for the stuff you keep, and make a conscious effort to put it back where you found it when you’re done. (But seriously, don’t knock the folding trick, because I think that one’s actually useful.)

If you’re in the market for a spacious, loft style apartment, consider these possibilities:

A. View our floorplans
B. Schedule a tour
C. Explore Menands

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