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What size Albany, NY apartment do I need?

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You are on the hunt for your first Albany, NY apartment. This is an exciting time in your life. Perhaps it is your first time living out on your own and you are searching for the perfect studio or one bedroom apartment. Or maybe you are relocating your family for a new job and are deciding between a two or three bedroom floor plan. Whatever the reason, before you start your search it is best to have an idea on what size apartment you need. Here are 6 things to consider in order to determine the right size apartment for your needs:

1.    How many people will be living in the apartment?

If it will just be yourself occupying the space a small studio apartment may be all that is needed. If the apartment will be for your entire family then you will need at least a two bedroom apartment. The general rule of thumb is to have one bedroom per person. Partners or children can share a room; however, keep in mind there is a limit of two people per bedroom.

2.    Does anyone work from home?

While a desk in the corner of the living room may suffice, a separate space for work is optimal for maintaining a good work/life balance. This will prevent a lot of issues if you will be living with others and need a quite space to answer phones and conduct work while your family or roommates go about their daily (sometimes noisy) routines. If this is the case, an additional bedroom set aside for work would be ideal.

3.    What belongings do you have?

If this is your first apartment, you probably don’t have a lot of baggage coming with you. However, if you are relocating your entire family you need to be realistic about what belongings will be coming with you. You may need to consider an apartment with extra square footage for storage or culling out items you don’t need if you are significantly downsizing.

4.    How is the space laid out?

How an apartment is laid out can have a huge impact on how large or small a space feels. Open layouts will make a small space feel roomier and less cramped. Hallways and walls tend to make spaces feel smaller and can be an inefficient use of space. This is why open layouts have grown in popularity for apartment living.

5.    How much time do you spend at home?

If you are planning on taking advantage of all Albany, NY has to offer and simply want an apartment for a crashing spot, you can get away with less square footage. If you are planning on entertaining in your apartment frequently you may want to opt for more square footage.

6.    Will you frequently have guests?

If you are a social person and plan on having guests stay in your apartment frequently, you may want to consider a better arrangement than a pull out couch. Having an extra bedroom just for guests will make their stay more comfortable, and will make your apartment more inviting for return visits.

As you can see, there is no one size fits all rule when it comes to selecting the right size apartment for your needs. It is very subjective, and will vary widely based on your lifestyle.

When you are ready to start your apartment search be sure to schedule a tour and learn more about the studio apartments, one bedroom, two bedroom, and three bedroom floor plans available at Albany Lofts at One Broadway.

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