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When Should You Move To an Albany Apartment?

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Moving BoxesMany homeowners and renters in the Albany area assume that summer is the best time to move – mostly because lugging boxes through a snowstorm seems rather unappealing – but choosing the ideal move-in date is about more than just the weather. In fact, the best time of year to move really depends on what’s important to you. Is saving money at the top of your list, or are lots of options and convenience the key to your happiness? Read on to determine what time of year makes the most sense for your move.

Goal: Save Money
Best Time to Move: October-April

If you’re looking to save money on moving costs and your monthly rent, apartment hunting during the winter months makes the most sense. Fewer people move during the winter, for the more obvious reason of weather, but also because they have children in school or are busy with the holidays. Demand for apartments is therefore lower, so landlords may be more open to negotiating monthly rent amounts or willing to waive application fees and pet deposits. Moving companies often lower their rates during this timeframe, as well.

While the housing market starts to slow as early as October, you’ll find the best deals right after the busy holiday season. Of course, the downside of apartment hunting during the winter is limited availability of apartments, foul weather and the possibility of being uprooted during the holidays.

Goal: More Options & Convenience
Best Time to Move: May-September

If you have school-age children, moving during the winter may simply not be an option. In fact, the majority of moves take place in the late spring and early summer, not only because it’s warmer, but because it’s less disruptive for families. It’s also the best time to move if you want lots of options. With more people moving, there are more Albany apartments on the market, which means May through September is perfect for those who want to shop around for the apartment of their dreams.

Just keep in mind that with greater demand, the cost of movers will be higher, and landlords will be less likely to negotiate on monthly rent. Plus, you may have to act quickly when you find a place you like, so as not to lose it to another interested renter.

It’s Always a Good Time to Move to Albany Lofts
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