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Workout From Home! Exercise Ideas for Your Downtown Albany Apartment

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Woman does a workout in her one bedroom apartment near Albany.

Getting a gym membership can be expensive, require you to drive, or just be downright inconvenient with machines taken before you have the chance to do so much as stretch. More than that it takes extra time to get there, and after work you just want to get a good workout in, and unwind in your luxury apartment. If only you could workout from your one bedroom apartment, taking in the sight of downtown Albany as your heart quickens and the calories melt away. You can and even if you live in a studio apartment, we have ideas to get you started, and best of all we kept sound in mind, so you won’t annoy your neighbors!

Take a Walk

Woman walks on a path near her downtown Albany apartment.

The speed walkers were on to something when they started descending upon local malls to window shop and get their steps in. Walking is a great form of exercise that’s low impact, and can be done just about anywhere. Though you can technically walk around your apartment, we suggest finding a local walking path, taking a trip around your neighborhood block, or if your apartment complex is big enough, walking the various floors, and a loop around the grounds. 

Low Impact Cardio

Woman does yoga in her downtown Albany apartment

Body weight exercises are great for building strength and can be done in any space that’s large enough to fit inside (your studio apartment qualifies)! With a nice fitness mat, you can do exercises like planks, pushups, crunches, hip bridges, squats, and lunges. Elevate your heart without jumping by doing mountain climbers, squat punches, sidekicks, and alternate lunges. 

Want a routine to follow? With the world now use to being at home more often, there are a plethora of home exercise videos you can find that keep your neighbors and waistline in mind. 


Woman does yoga in a yoga studio inside her Albany, NY apartment complex.

If your apartment is lucky enough to have a dance studio/yoga room, then it’s time to get your jam on, or find your zen. Dance is a fun way to scorch the calories and requires no extra equipment. Though a dance studio is more accommodating for noise, if you live on the first floor, or find a routine that avoids jumping, you can salsa the night away without your neighbors catching a clue. Dance is also a great way to socialize with other residents. 

Yoga gets a wrap as a lazy sort of exercise where you sit and take deep breaths and do light stretches. This can be the case, but just ask some of the most elite athletes how difficult yoga can be! Using your body as resistance and holding weight at different angles offers muscle toning, cardio, and flexibility training. All you need to get started is a mat, which can also serve other exercises like planks, and crunches. 

Run at a Local Park 

Joggers run at a local park in Albany, NY Park

It wouldn’t be a workout suggestion list without mentioning running. Running is a tried and true method for getting and staying in shape. Since you cover more ground than walking, it’s a great way to scope out a local park, or see more of your local neighborhood without being stuck behind the wheel. Lace the sneaks and head to the nearest green space for a killer workout and beautiful views. 

Use your Apartment’s Fitness Center 

Amazing apartment fitness center.

Wait, this article started by saying you didn’t have to go to the gym and now we’re mentioning the gym? It may be sort of cheating, but if your apartment has a fitness center, for no extra cost, and without leaving home, you can break a sweat. 

If you’re looking for luxury apartment living with wonderful amenities like a fitness center, yoga studio, and walking paths all while being near downtown Albany, then the Albany Lofts at One Broadway are calling you home. 

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