5 Best Dog Breeds for Your Pet Friendly Apartment in Albany

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There’s no denying that a dog is man’s best friend. And if you’ve just moved into a new apartment in Albany, you may be considering adding a friendly pooch to complete your home.

Unfortunately, not all dog breeds are made for apartment-style living. When considering the perfect pooch for your pet friendly apartment complex in Albany, you should consider four main factors: size, noisiness, energy level, and friendliness. Larger breeds with long legs need ample room to play around and exercise which smaller spaces cannot allow. High energy and louder breeds can create a nuisance for your neighbors when your dog is left alone. And finally, with neighbors in close quarters, your dog breed must play well with others to socialize with neighboring humans and other dogs. Consider the following five dog breeds perfect for Albany apartment living:

1. Bichon Frise

A cheerful, white, tiny bundle of joy, the Bichon Frise is a family pet with a gentle and affectionate demeanor. Because they are a toy breed, Bichons don’t shed like other breeds, so they are ideal for living in close quarters or with roommates/neighbors who may have allergies. Bichons are intelligent, highly trainable dogs, and for this reason are often found as obedient companions for the elderly in nursing homes.

2. Miniature Pinscher

Named by The American Kennel Club as the ideal dog breed for small home living, the Miniature Pinscher is a tough little dog sure to provide a watchful eye over your apartment! A descendant of the Dachshund and Greyhound, Miniature Pinschers are considered great watchdogs and take to obedience naturally, so they will behave when home with their owner or when left at home for long periods of time.

King Charles Spaniel Puppy3. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

A sensitive breed renowned for good behavior, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel will soon be the social butterfly of your apartment complex! Mild-mannered and affectionate with both humans and animals, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel loves being around people and will be friendly with neighbors you run into in the hallway or stairwell. In addition, like the Bishon Frise, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a toy breed, which means minimal shedding, making for a pet-hair-free apartment!

4. French Bulldog

In recent years, French Bulldogs have risen to fame on social media for their bat-like ears, cute short-legged bodies, and expressive personalities, but these stars of social media also make for great apartment companions! A quiet breed that rarely barks without reason, “Frenchies” have a playful disposition, require very little exercise, and are great cuddlers. Frenchies are companion dogs and thrive when they have human contact, so they are perfect for sharing small spaces with their human owners.

5. American Eskimo Dog

With a coat made to withstand Albany winters, the American Eskimo Dog is a perfect apartment companion for those living in colder climates. A Nordic dog breed, the American Eskimo, or “Eskie,” is a small dog with big dog personality! A lively, active companion dog who loves to entertain its owners, the Eskies is friendly and outgoing with humans and other dogs, and with proper obedience training, can become an excellent watch dog for your Albany pad.

Read the Fine Print About Having a Dog at Our Apartment Complex in Albany

No matter which breed you choose, it’s important that your dog be registered, up to date on shots, and comply with local animal restrictions for the community. Albany Lofts at One Broadway has pet guidelines and expect our residents to abide by conditions. Always check with the property manager before bringing a pooch home, as pets are a privilege!

Still Searching for Apartments for Rent in Albany?

It may be that you are looking at getting a dog before an apartment. In that case, the Lofts at One Broadway are an excellent dog friendly choice with 3 fenced in dog runs, a dog washing station and plenty of green space. Of course we also have all the luxury amenities you deserve like 16 foot vaulted ceilings, granite countertops, hardwood floors and more. With access to a pool, fitness center, sports lounge, and business center, you will find more than a home at our Albany apartment complex.

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