7 Easy Ways to Make Your Albany Luxury Apartment Dog Friendly

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Dog Friendly Apartments in Albany

1. If you’re still looking for a pooch, the first step is to choose an apartment-friendly breed

From small lap dogs like the Cavalier King Charles spaniel to the very large Great Dane, many breeds make excellent apartment dwellers. You should look for relatively inactive breeds that are quiet. Get to know a breed’s personality and you’ll know whether they’d make a good apartment dog. Terriers, for example, are on the smaller side, but most breeds are actually very active and fairly loud. More information on the best pet friendly pets.

2. Schedule plenty of time for exercise

Do you go for a daily run? Take your dog! If not, plan to include at least one long walk a day along our walking paths. If the weather isn’t cooperating with your plans for a walk, make sure you take the same amount of time to play with your dog in addition to any regular play time. A benefit to living at the Albany Lofts at One Broadway is that we have large, spacious floor plans that allow your pet lots of room to run and play indoors.

Again, know your breed. Active dog breeds will need a lot more exercise to be happy and healthy (and non-destructive)!

3. Make frequent trips to the dog park, like the dog run here at Albany Lofts

Dog parks are great for any number of reasons. First, dog parks are an excellent place to work on socializing your dog. Second, your dog will make friends and burn off a lot of energy in the process! Third, you might make friends of your own (just don’t fall into the trap of only knowing your neighbors as Spot’s parents…).

4. Bring the outside in with a grass potty for your dog

You can buy pretty much anything these days, including disposable grass for your pup. If you’re potty training a puppy, have an older dog who sometimes just can’t make it through the day, or live on an upper floor and want another option besides going out… check out disposable dog potties with grass that neutralize odors and provide a good outdoor potty alternative.

5. Set up an area in your apartment that’s just for your dog

Find somewhere to put a crate or playpen area that your pup can use as a retreat and you can use as a place to keep them safe when maintenance or the landlord or someone else needs to be in your apartment.

6. Baby-proof your apartment… for your dog

It sounds funny, but the principles are the same. Make sure harmful substances (like chocolate or grapes/raisins) are locked away, trash secured, breakables high enough to not be knocked over, socks and other choking hazards behind closed doors… the list is pretty long, and you’ll learn as you go along, but common sense is a good place to start when you start dog-proofing your apartment.

7. Hire a dog walker or consider a doggie daycare

No one wants to crate their pup all day, but sometimes that’s the safest option for the dog and your apartment. If you work long hours, have to crate your dog when you’re out of your Albany apartment, or own a particularly high-energy breed, dog walkers or doggie daycare are excellent options for keeping your pooch happy, healthy, and socialized.

Albany Lofts at One Broadway are a pet friendly apartment community in Albany and we welcome your doggies.

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