Dog Fun for Dreary Days in Your Albany New York Apartment

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Winter feels long. And it feels cold, wet, and dreary. As much as you love taking your dog for runs in the park, or walks around the block, near your pet friendly apartment, somedays outdoor play isn’t an option.

But that doesn’t mean your furry friend, or you, need to succumb to the Winter Blahs. Here are some fun ideas to connect and exercise your pet inside, allowing you both to thrive on dreary days.

Hidden Treats

This game is great for your dog both physically and mentally. Hide a treat or toy in the house and let him find it using only his nose. First, make sure he knows it’s a game. Have him sit while you hide the object. Celebrate and reward him when he finds it and then repeat. You can increase the difficulty of the hiding spot as he grasps the game.

Play Date

A cold and dreary day is a great opportunity to invite a friend over for a dog play date. A friend for you both, that is. Have a good friend who also has a dog? This could be the perfect time to introduce your pets, and enjoy a cup of coffee and conversation. Give your pets space to be excited, and then check each other out cautiously. Chances are they’ll settle into a rhythm and enjoy companionship, just like you.

Tug of War

This is a classic. And your dog won’t get tired of it. You can buy special tugging chew toys, or just use some tough rope you have around. Get comfortable because you’ll be playing this for a while, and be a hero.

Stairs Workout

If you live in an apartment complex such as Albany Lofts at One Broadway, use the stairs in the building for an indoor workout. Have our dog follow your lead as you do different exercises up and down the stairs. Depending on your dog’s athleticism, stairwells are also a fun place for a game of catch.

Hall Ball

Hall Ball is also a great option for dreary days, when you live in an apartment building. Roll a ball down a long hallway and watch your dog go for it. You want to make sure your neighbors are fine with this game, but chances are they’ll come out to cheer you on, or even join in with their pets. Remember, you’re not the only one hoping to spice up a dreary day!

Shopping Trip

If you just went to get out, load up your dog and head to a Pet Store. Dogs enjoy the smells and other animals at Pet Stores, and, like any of us shopping when bored, will find a few items you didn’t know you both needed.

But Pet Stores are not the only pet-friendly retail locations. Did you know Home Depot welcomes dogs? So does Tractor Supply Company, and the Apple Store. Check out this list for pet-friendly national chains, and get some errands done together on the next dreary day.

TV Time

Don’t underestimate the joy of cuddling on the couch watching TV. If you’ve already burnt off energy with one of the above activities, settle in for some binge- watching with your couch companion. Your dog loves to be with you, and TV watching can be just what the doctor ordered on a dreary day. Do it together and celebrate your canine friend who can meet you where you are, whether that’s with high energy games, or the best of Netflix.

Dog on bedDreary Day Friends

Whether you’re wrestling down your apartment hallway, or nestled into the couch watching TV, dogs are wonderful dreary day companions. Make the most of this season, trying new games and different outings together. The sun will be out soon and with it the return of outdoor fun. Use these days to be thankful for each other’s presence, even in the gloom.

Dog Runs Not Far From Your Albany, New York Apartment’s Front Door

If you must go out on cold, rainy days, the Albany Lofts at One Broadway has three fenced in dog runs and a dog wash station to clean off all the mud and water before you head back inside. We love having so many pets here and love that we can provide unique pet amenities for all the furry friends at our complex.

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