5 Tips for Keeping Your Dog-Friendly Albany Apartment Clean

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Dog eating out of a green dog bowl overflowing with foodDogs are family, and many of us can agree that they are often the best members of the family—and the messiest.

When living in a pet friendly apartment, cleaning up after your four-legged best friend can be stressful when you think about getting deposits back at the end of your lease.

With these top five tips on how to keep things clean around your dog-friendly apartment, you’ll be sure to stress a lot less while your pup maintains their position as a good boy or girl.

Tip 1: Buy a Quality Floor Cleaner

Depending on the breed, most dog owners could collect enough hair on the floor every day to make another dog.

With Albany Loft’s beautiful hardwood floors, keeping the hair off the floor is easiest with a robot vacuum cleaner such as an iRobot Roomba. These cleaners self-navigate your floors to suck up all the pet hair and dirt that your pup is carrying in on their paws without damaging the finish on your flooring.

Be diligent in cleaning out the filter from all the debris it picks up to keep it running smoothly and efficiently.

Tip 2: Take Care of Accidents Quickly

Even good boys and girls will have the occasional accident inside. When this happens, make sure to clean it up immediately to battle not only damage to floors but also smells that can make the area of an accident a favorite place for your pup to continue that behavior.

Using an enzyme-neutralizing spray when cleaning will help eliminate the odor entirely, making it seem like the accident never happened for both of you.

Tip 3: Buy a Cozy Yet Practical Dog Bed

Dogs, like people, are creatures of comfort. Unfortunately, that comfort can translate into them taking over the furniture in your house, leaving a mess behind there too.

Getting a cozy dog bed will give your pup a space of their own for their daily naps, and if you choose wisely, it also will seem more enticing then the brand-new couch.

When looking for a dog bed, be practical in its materials. Make sure you choose a bed that is easy to wash on a regular basis, perhaps made with water-repellent material that will make it easy to wipe down and leave out in the sun once a week to keep it fresh.

Tip 4: Mess-Proof the Dining Area

Dogs might not mind eating from a bowl on the floor, but the floors often mind the mess that gets left behind when dinner is over.

Using a placemat under your dog’s water and food dish can save you a lot of time getting out the hardwood floor cleaner. A simple placemat is easy to just wipe and go when your pup gets a little carried away with the kibble.

Tip 5: Take Advantage of One Broadway’s Dog Washing Station

We pride ourselves on being the most pet-friendly apartment building in Albany with our close proximity to dog-friendly parks and restaurants, three dog runs on the property, and our convenient dog washing station.

It goes without saying that a clean dog makes for a clean apartment, and Albany Lofts at One Broadway can help make that possible right on site. Our self-serve stations make cleaning your pet quick and easy without a second mess to clean up after in your bathroom.

Even with all the mess they can create in your apartment, if you’re a dog person, it’s hard to imagine your home without them, muddy paws and all. At Albany Lofts at One Broadway, we want to make sure you don’t have to imagine a home without them.

Contact us today for more information about how One Broadway welcomes you and your favorite dog as part of the community.

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