Moving Into Your Menands NY Apartment With Pets

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Moving into Menands NY ApartmentAs if packing up your whole life and moving to a new home isn’t challenging enough, you’ve decided to do it with a pet. If you’ve never moved with pets, you’re probably feeling pretty anxious, but the good news is, we’ve had many tenants with dogs and cats move into our pet-friendly Menands apartments over the years, and everyone survives! Here are a few tips to help keep you and your pets both sane and safe during your move.

Stick to Your Routine

Pets, especially dogs, are creatures of habit, and a familiar routine provides them with security. To help ease the stress of packing and a new home, try to maintain your regular schedule for meals, potty breaks, walks and bed times. This goes for you, as well as your furry friend. Skipping meals or failing to get enough sleep will stress you out more, and our pets pick up on these emotions. If we’re upset, they’re upset.

Pack Your Pet’s Stuff Last

Your pets belongings should be the last thing you pack up, and among the first things you set up at the new place. While this goes along with maintaining their routine, it will also help ensure your possessions remain safe. In addition to their food, water dish, bed or crate, make sure their favorite toys are accessible. Some dogs chew when they are stressed and cats may scratch. If they can’t find their favorite toy or scratch post, they will opt for anything nearby, including your shoes and furniture.

Consider Boarding Your Pet

During the actual move, it’s a good idea to get your pets out of the house. With all the unfamiliar sounds and people coming and going, even the most well-behaved pets may attempt to escape. Alternatively, some pets become clingy, making it hard for you to get anything accomplished. If you don’t have friends or family that can watch your pet for the day, look into doggie daycare or an overnight boarding facility. If all else fails, set up a crate away from the action to ensure your pet’s safety.

Be Patient with Your Pet

Pets get stressed just like we do, although they express it in different ways. Stress signs for dogs may include excessive panting, pacing, whining, barking, yawning and lip licking, as well as urinating in the house or chewing, while cats may go into hiding, urinate outside the litter box, refuse to eat, and groom or cry excessively. These issues may not be limited to the actual move, but can extend into the first few weeks in your new place. This is normal, and can be frustrating, but if you keep your cool and practice patience, your dog or cat will soon be acclimated to your new home.

More Tips for Living with Pets

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Apply OnlineLooking for a new home for you and your pets? The Albany Lofts at One Broadway in Menands offer pet-friendly apartments near downtown Albany. We accept both cats and dogs and have 3 fenced-in dog runs. Contact us to schedule a tour.

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