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Tips For Preventing Cat Damage In Your Pet Friendly Apartment

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Cat peeking out from under sheets.

You’ve scored a pet friendly apartment! After celebrating and welcoming your new furry friend home, you watch in horror as they swat at the blinds, hack up a hairball, or try to scratch the bedpost. Oh no, your security deposit is going to be toast, and your apartment forever a mess. You scratch your head and think, How am I ever going to keep my apartment clean? 

Understanding your cat’s behavior is a good start, and with a little training, and the proper tools you can ensure that your apartment is kept in order. Let’s look at four main issues and how to solve them. 

Cat Scratch Fever

Cat scratching at its scratch tower in its loft apartment in Albany.

Ever since your cat eyed your one bedroom apartment, its claws pulsed with excitement. There’s so many things to shred! Your first reaction when finding them clawing at the floorboard may be to scold them, but scratching is natural. Clapping or shouting will not stop them and can lead to them being afraid of you. What you need to do instead, is create a safe scratching environment. This can come in the form of scratching posts, a scratchboard, or another cat friendly place to let the claws loose. 

You should place the desired scratcher near areas you have caught the cat trying to claw. Then, use double sided sticky tape, to cover the furniture or area you don’t want the cat to scratch, to try to discourage them from trying. 

If your cat is still not scratching the post, but instead finding other things in the apartment to scratch instead, there are a few things to consider. The first is that your cat doesn’t like the material of the scratcher. Try switching the scratcher testing, carpet, wood, and cardboard to find which they like best. The second thing is that your cat just might not be noticing the scratcher, or at least not interested in checking it out. To get their attention, string or place a toy near the scratcher. You may also use catnip to lure them by the scent. 

A final tip: Don’t throw the scratcher out when it starts to fray, or look ugly. At this point your cat has worn it just to where they like it.

Hairballs And Stomach Issues

Huge hairball found in a pet friendly apartment in Albany.

All too often we see cats hacking up hairballs in the movies and this is because it’s all too familiar. At some point you will find a hairball. The best thing you can do is be ready. This means having carpet spot remover in the apartment and knowing the necessary steps to preventing a stain from setting in. 

  • Remove the hairball from the carpet or rug with a paper towel. Do not rub back and forth, or push down. Just gently lift and if needed, go back for a piece left behind. 
  •  Take a wet cloth to the spot where the hairball was and gently tap so it becomes wet. 
  • Use a dry cloth to dab over the spot
  • If the spot remains, use a small amount of dish soap lightly blotting then using a wet cloth to remove.
  • Allow the area to dry. If the stain remains, use the carpet spot remover

The same advice can be followed for cleaning up vomit, or diarrhea after your cat has been sick.

Bathroom Issues, Spraying, Being In Heat

Cat in litter box staring up at its owner at their Albany luxury apartment.

The smell of cat urine can make just about anybody cringe. It is a fear of landlords and likely an issue you will have to look out for. To start, you should ensure that you have enough litter boxes, one per cat, and that they are regularly cleaned. Not having a clean space to go will lead your cats to find other alternatives. 

It is important to note that if you notice your cat has urinated outside of the litter box, there is a chance it is sick. It may have a urinary tract infection or another issue that is causing the behavior. A visit to the vet can resolve the issue and get your cat feeling good again. 

When it comes to male cats, spraying can be a huge issue. If your cat is not already neutered, you should consider doing so as it drastically and in most cases eliminates spraying. If this has already been done, pheromone plugins can help by calming your cat. You may also look into using a weighted vest, stress collar, or as a last resort, putting your cat on anti-anxiety medicine.

For female cats, it’s a good idea to get them spayed to prevent them going into heat. Without the procedure there will be two cycles a year which may last a few weeks and can cause stains.

Curiosity Killed the Blinds

Cat sitting on window sill looking out blinds in its pet friendly apartment in Albany.

Cats love getting up high, and they love looking out windows. Though a harmless action, if your blinds are in their way, they will see the brunt of it, bending and snapping. A simple fix is if you are able to lift the blinds, leave them open with enough room for the cat to comfortably get up and look out. If you prefer they don’t go on the windowsill, or need to keep the blind shut, tape off the windowsill with double sided tape to discourage your cat from jumping up. Also consider getting them a cat tower, or another place to get up high and watch from. 


If your apartment is truly pet friendly, then with a little time and training your cat will be settled in and there won’t be an issue. We love pets at The Albany Lofts at One Broadway, and whether you have a cat, a dog or another small pet, we welcome you to consider our apartments. With 3 fenced in dog runs, a dog wash, walking trails, and huge loft apartments to roam, we are sure your furry friend(s) will love it here. 

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