How to Add More Color to Your Albany Apartment (Without Painting)

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Is your Albany apartment looking dull? Are you looking to add some personality to it? Living in a rental doesn’t mean you are stuck living in a world of muted tones. Adding character to your rooms is simple! Add some color to your apartment without the hassle of painting with these easy tips:

Make a Statement with Curtains

If the craziest your walls get is off-white, mixing it up with bold curtains can make a dramatic difference in the space. Offset muted tones with rich, bold colors such as royal blue, red, pink, or purple. Give your curtains even more impact by selecting a fabric that features an appealing print in combination with bold colors. Remember, just because your room lacks windows doesn’t mean you can’t hang curtains! Quickly create an accent way by hanging some curtain rods near the ceiling and select long, colorful curtains that reach the floor. This not only adds color to a room, it is a great way to help muffle the noise of loud neighbors.

Utilize Area Rugs to Add Color & Comfort to Rooms

Wood or tile floors are all the rage for apartments in the Albany area. While they are low maintenance and provide an upscale, modern look; these surfaces can be cold on the feet, particularly during Northeast winters. Area rugs are perfect for adding some comfort while introducing color into bedrooms, living rooms, and other laid back areas. Like the curtains, choose bold colors and patterns that reflect your taste and lifestyle.

Show off Your Style with Wall Art

Large pieces of colorful wall art are perfect for breathing life into drab walls. Depending on your budget you can invest in unique pieces from a local artist or visit a local hobby store for inexpensive canvas prints. If you are a creative individual, take it a step further and create your own pieces! Whether you choose to hang color-rich photos, large paintings, or canvas prints, they give the apartment character and become great conversation pieces. Be sure to utilize wall hangers, such as command strips, that do not damage the walls when hanging your chosen pieces!

Use pillows to bring color into your Albany Apartment

Accessorize with Colorful Blankets & Pillows

You can quickly add color to even the dullest of apartments just by how you accessorize. Don’t be afraid to choose a colorful couch or chair to add to your living room. If you are not that brave, or don’t have the budget for new furniture, adding bright accent pillows has a similar effect. Be sure to also replace your muted blankets and bedspreads with something a bit bolder. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors either! If you love blue, purchase throw pillows in a variety of different blue hues. Or select complimentary colors such as blue and orange for a more dramatic effect.

Invest in Low-Maintenance Plants

Plants will not only provide your Albany apartment with fresh air, but a splash of color as well. Opt for hardy plants that require little care such as peace lilies, cactus, snake plants, bamboo, African violets, or lavender plants.  If you don’t have a green thumb you can always opt for fake plants. They may not freshen your air, but they will definitely provide your apartment with a fresh look!

Ready for a more dramatic change of scenery?

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