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10 At-Home Date Nights to Try This NY Winter

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At-home date nights to love


Are you finding yourself wanting to reconnect with your partner, or further your connection? Date nights are always helpful, where you are able to spend time together and experience adventures. However, date nights in New York winters can be difficult. So, why not stay home? These 10 at-home date night ideas from Albany Lofts will give you and your partner time to reconnect while having an adventure.


1. Take a Walk Together

Take advantage of the changing leaves or the allure of falling snow. Walk together and admire the natural beauty of New York! Albany Lofts offers maintained walking paths for our residents, so you’re sure to find a new favorite spot.

You can even bring your pup, playing together in one of our three dog-run areas. After your walk, heat up some hot cocoa and cuddle up. You’ll love admiring the beauty of New York while spending time together.


2. Have an Indoor Adventure

Turn your home into a plain of adventure that the two of you will explore together. You can go multiple ways with this, including:

  • Bring the Stadium to You: Do you and your partner love sports? Bring the stadium into your living room! Choose a game to watch and go all out in your outfits. Wear jerseys, face paint, make signs, and more. For snacks, make some of your stadium favorites. See who can cheer louder- and who gets bragging rights when their team wins.
  • Go Bowling or Mini Golfing from Home: Who needs to go to a bowling alley for this? With solo cups and a tennis ball, you can create your own bowling alley. See who reigns supreme bowling champ! Want more of an adventure? Take turns building mini-golf holes all over your home. You’ll have a blast beating their challenges and turning your home into a golf course.
  • Lights Out! Pretend the electricity went out for this cute date night. Light your fireplace and make smores by it. Candles can illuminate your home while you tell some spooky campfire stories. You can even build a fort to hide in!
  • Spooky Season, Year-Round: Make it Halloween, no matter the time of year. Make themed snacks, like mummy cookies or Dracula’s punch, or snack on a bowl of candy. Choose some horror movies to watch and turn out the lights. You can even dress in makeshift Halloween costumes. Who will get spooked first?


3. Try a New Way to Exercise

Bored of your exercise routine, or looking to incorporate one into your daily life? Try a new form of exercise together, like yoga or pilates. Find a video online and follow the instructions together. You’ll laugh as you adapt to the new exercise, and work up a sweat. Albany Lofts even has special yoga rooms for more space to exercise.


Have a cooking date night!


4. Cook A Meal Together

Whether it’s a gourmet meal, an old family favorite, or a simple step-by-step, cooking can bring a couple together. Choose a recipe and make it together, taking the time to enjoy being together in the kitchen.

With Albany Lofts fully equipped kitchens, you’ll have the space to make the entree, an appetizer, and even a salad course. Enjoy it by a nicely set table, giving the feeling of your own exclusive restaurant.


5. Game Night!

Bring out your inner competitor for this date night. Break out old favorite board games and make a tournament out of it. You’ll love laughing and celebrating your wins.

If board games aren’t your thing, try cards or video games. With video games, choose to play against each other or to complete a mission together. Either way, your communication skills will be put to work. You can even indulge in old college drinking games. Finally, settle who the true beer pong champion is! Whoever wins the night gets bragging rights- until the next game night, that is.


6. Throwback Movie Night

Throwback time! Travel back or forward in time at 88 miles per hour with the Doc, or skip a day with Ferris in the ’80s. Go even further back to see Shakespeare fall in love or love matches form in London.

Choose a random decade or historical period. Both of you can choose your favorite movie either from that era or based in that time period. Make some popcorn, get candy movie snacks, and get ready for a throwback!



7. Travel the World- From Your Living Room

While we can’t easily travel right now, you could go to Italy, Spain, or even China- from your living room! Make a night out of “traveling” to somewhere with special meaning to both of you, or even somewhere on your bucket list.

Play music from that country, or by an artist from there. Plan a meal special to your chosen country and cook it as they would in your fully equipped Albany loft kitchen! Finally, relax with a movie either based in that country or from there. You’ll indulge your wanderlust together, all without having to catch a plane.


8. At-Home Spa and Relaxation

Take a minute just for yourselves. Turn your home into a sanctuary for a night by turning it into a spa! Apply moisturizer, face masks, and cut up some cucumbers to put on your eyes. Dress in comfortable robes and give each other massages. You’ll be able to breathe a sigh of relief together and release some stress. Treat yourself to this date night!


9. Your Own Wine & Paint Night

Bob Ross can join your date night, too! Choose a Bob Ross special or another painting instructional video. Camp out in the living room and drink while you try to replicate the artist’s masterpiece. You’ll enjoy the time together to decompress. After all, who doesn’t love Bob Ross?


10. Go Camping In New York- Indoors!

Break out the blankets and sleeping bags. You can go camping without having to brave the New York winter! Build a fort together to mimic a tent, illuminating it (carefully) with candles or lanterns. Roast marshmallows by the stove or fireplace, and turn them into smores. Tell spooky stories in your fort- or even watch a camp favorite on your laptop. With our spacious floor plans, you’ll have plenty of room to go on an adventure.


With any of these date night options, you’re bound to spice up your winter at-home dates. A different way to spice things up? Find a new apartment to call home and connect even more.


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