Decorating Your Albany Apt for Valentine’s Day

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Even if you decide to go out for Valentine’s Day, decorate your apartment to create a romantic and relaxing place to walk into when you get home. Use rose petals, red pillows, flowers, pre-made decorations or homemade decorations.

Decorate the Bedroom

Add several red and pink throw pillows to the bed. This looks great if you have a black bedspread. Form a heart out of rose petals on the space that is not occupied by the pillows. Spread rose petals on the nightstands. Add candles to the room for some ambiance.

Living Area

  • Add red candles, jars of red and pink candies and roses to a mantle or a shelf in the living area. Arrange flowers and Valentine’s Day decorations on a kitchen bar or counter.
  • Make hearts out of red, pink, white and purple construction paper. Add Valentine’s Day sayings to them, such as ‘Be Mine,’ ‘I Love You,’ ‘Best Friends’ and more.
  • Buy wooden block letters to spell out “LOVE.” Paint them red. Add decorations to them using white paint.
  • Make strawberry cupcakes topped with white icing and red and pink candied hearts. When you are ready for a snack, display them on a table and surround them with rose petals and heart-shaped balloons.
  • If you are eating at home, wrap silverware handles with red and pink ribbons. Set the table with Valentine’s Day themed napkins on a white tablecloth.
  • String hearts made from red and pink paper over a doorway.
  • Cut several different sized hearts out of red, pink, purple and white construction paper. Glue them onto a wreath base. You could use a Styrofoam base, a paper base, or even a base made from a wire coat hanger.
  • Make a gingerbread house and decorate it with hearts and white icing. If you can’t find a kit for this, you can find gingerbread recipes, the icing recipes and fondant recipes online. Make the hearts out of fondant and stick them to the gingerbread house with the white icing.
  • Make heart-shaped sugar cookies and decorate them with white icing and small red and pink hearts. Make the hearts out of red icing or fondant.
  • Hang a Valentine’s Day wreath on the front door.
  • Add an evergreen tree decorated with red lights, hearts, cupids and other Valentine’s Day décor. Use your artificial Christmas tree, or, if you typically have a live tree, pick up a Norwood Pine. Add construction paper chains made with red and pink paper. For every third or fourth chain, form the strip of paper into a heart.
  • Using construction paper cut out Xs in red and Os in pink. String them together and hang the on a mantle, the edge of a bar or over the door. You could even cover a wall with them.

Decorating your Albany apt for Valentine’s Day gives you a romantic place to come home to after a night of fun. And, if you decide to stay in, you’ll make your Valentine’s Day special, especially if you make some of the decorations yourself.

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