Fresh New Ways to Use an Extra Bedroom in Your Apartment in Albany, NY

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Whether you moved into a new place with more bedrooms than you need, or you’ve found yourself with a vacancy because your kids have grown and gone, or your roommate got married and moved out – this is a good problem to have!

While the obvious solution is to turn it into a guest bedroom, what about when no one is visiting? Seems like a waste of a perfectly good space, right? Check out these fresh new ways to use the spare room in your apartment in Albany, NY.

Using your spare bedroom in your Albany apartmentHome Office

More companies than ever now permit employees to work remotely, so why not take advantage of the shortened commute and create a productive environment to get your work done at home? Even if you still go to an office every day, an extra bedroom is a great place to set up a desk, shelves and filing cabinet for paying bills and filing personal paperwork.

Reading Room

If you’re a bookworm, consider turning your extra bedroom into a library and reading room. Line the walls with shelves and arrange your book collection by genre. Add a comfy chair or recliner, soft pillows and a blanket or throw for curling up with your favorite book, and don’t forget ample lighting so you can enjoy a good read anytime of the day or night.

Yoga & Meditation Room

If you’re into yoga or meditation, you know that both are best enjoyed in a calm space. An extra bedroom is the perfect place to create your quiet retreat. The décor can be as simple as floor cushions and throw pillows with curtains or shades that block the light. Many at home meditation rooms also include candles or a wall tapestry, and if you’re working on perfecting your yoga poses, add a mirror in addition to your mat.

Arts & Crafts Room

You don’t have to be an artist to have an art studio. Anyone who needs an outlet for creativity or enjoys a hobby or craft can appreciate an extra bedroom turned arts & crafts room. Use it to set up an easel and paints, your sewing machine, a scrapbooking table or a knitting basket. Add plenty of storage for all of your supplies and make sure you invest in good lighting.

Music Room

For a musician, an extra bedroom is practically a must. Where else are you going to put all those instruments, speakers, amplifiers and music stands? If you plan to actually practice in your music room, make sure to add noise buffering décor, including thick rugs, window treatments and upholstered furniture. Cover your walls with rugs or use bookcases filled with thick, heavy books and line the walls behind the bookcase with a foam egg crate or other sound-dampening material.

Rec Room

Whether you love hosting game night, enjoy puzzles or are obsessed with video games, an extra bedroom makes for a great rec room. If board games, chess, cards or puzzles are your thing, set up a table and include enough seating for guests. For video gamers, a flat screen TV, gaming chairs and curtains or shades are more practical. Depending on your preference, your spare bedroom can be an extra space for entertaining or a private place to enjoy a hobby without cluttering up your main living area.

Pet Room

If you have a pet-friendly apartment, an extra bedroom can double as your pet’s room. It’s a great way to keep their toys, bedding and other items out of your space. No more oversized dog crate in the living room or litter box in the bathroom. Your pet will also appreciate having his or her own space, especially shy pets, who will have a place to retreat when you have company.

Daydreaming About an Extra Bedroom or Looking for an Apartment in Albany, NY?

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