Hosting Out-of-Town Guests in Your Albany Apartment

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Whether you’ve got family flying in for the holidays or an old college roommate visiting for a weekend, at some point, overnight guests are bound to show up at your Albany apartment looking for a place to stay. If you’ve got a spare bedroom, you’re in luck, but for most apartment dwellers, hosting out-of-town guests means doing so without a guestroom. Don’t panic. With a little planning, hosting family and friends in a one-bedroom apartment is totally do-able.

Hosting Out of Town GuestsInvest in a Sleeper Sofa (or Air Mattress)
When you live in an apartment, furniture that pulls double-duty is key. Sleeper sofas and futons come in a variety of sizes, from arm chairs that transform into single beds to full-size couches with a queen mattress tucked inside. If a second bed isn’t an option, a good quality air mattress is the next best thing. Consider an elevated model with a built-in electric pump that can still be rolled up and stored in a closet.

Clear a Space for Luggage
Luckily, the Albany Lofts offer spacious floor plans. Even so, your apartment can feel crowded with all the extra noise and mess that comes with overnight guests. Rather than stepping over inconveniently placed suitcases, create a designated space for your guest’s belongings. Frequent hosts may want to pick up a foldable luggage rack that can be propped up in the corner, and, if you’ve got the space, you can even add a shoji screen to hide the clutter and offer more privacy.

Be Considerate of Your Guest’s Privacy
Since your living room is doubling as your guest room, make sure you clear out at night so that your guests can get some shut eye – even if that means going to bed earlier than normal. Alternatively, if your guests tend to turn in earlier than you, give them your bedroom for the duration of the stay, and make your bed in the living room. If you’re sharing a bathroom, ensure the door closes and locks, and have extra toilet paper and supplies handy so guests can replenish without having to ask.

Add Bedroom-like Touches
In addition to having extra pillows, blankets, clean sheets and towels on hand, add a few things in the living room that you’d want in a bedroom. Place a lamp next to the sleeping area and provide an outlet and empty power strip for recharging cell phones and laptops. Speaking of technology, being a good host in the 21st century means sharing your WiFi password and possibly giving your guests a tutorial on how to use the home theater system.

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