How to Stay Warm in Your Albany Apartment this Winter

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As temperatures start dropping in the Capital region, it’s time to start thinking about those chilly winters ahead! If you’re new to the Albany area, the frigid temperatures of our Upstate New York winters may come as quite a shock to you. If you’re looking for an alternative to cranking up the heat in your apartment to save on your utility bill, here are seven ways us locals have learned to beat the cold and keep warm during the winter season:

staying warm in winterDress in Layers
Sometimes it’s the simplest measures that can make a big difference! Is the air in your Albany apartment getting chilly? Keep an extra cozy winter sweater handy to throw on at a moment’s notice. The same goes for sweatpants, socks, and even a hat! Knits, fleece, and wool are the fabrics of the season, and for good reason—they’re super soft and great at maintaining your body heat!

Swap Out Your Linens
All Upstate New York residents know that when December rolls around, it’s time to swap out your bed linens to ensure for a warm bedtime. Cotton sheets and thin quilts make for great summer bedding, but don’t hold up well in the winter. Try swapping out these lighter linens for flannel sheets, heavy blankets, and if you’re feeling extra chilly… an electric blanket!

Bake A Festive Treat
Need an excuse to practice your family recipes for Christmas cookies or Challah bread? Take advantage of the free heat from the oven the next time you partake in holiday baking. This scrumptious pastime allows you to kill two birds with one stone: not only will your apartment be toasty warm, but it’ll smell like the holidays. And no candle can replicate that magic scent!

Cover your Floors
Are your feet freezing when grabbing a snack from the kitchen or tiptoeing to the bathroom late at night? No matter how thick your socks are, bare tile or wooden floors can cause quite a temperature shock to your feet. Help trap heat by laying rugs and carpets over your floors. In addition to keeping your bare floors warm, they’ll be ultra soft on your feet!

Get a Door Draft Guard
Feeling a draft? You’d be surprised how the littlest cracks and crevices like the gap between your door and the floor can contribute to heat loss. You spend a lot of money keeping your apartment toasty—don’t let your hard earned dollars escape under the door! Invest in a simple invention known as a door draft guard. This foam barrier slides onto the bottom of your door to ensure your heat doesn’t escape.

Dress your Windows
If your windows aren’t dressed, you may be losing valuable heat! Just like the gap between your door and the floor, tiny gaps from where your windows meet your walls can contribute to up to 30% of heat loss! The solution? Lined curtains and drapes are easy measures to ensure heat stays in your Albany apartment. You can even use magnets or velcro strips to attach your curtains to the wall on the sides and bottom of your windows for further insulation.

Invest in a Space Heater
If all else fails, try heating your apartment more efficiently and let the heat follow you! Space heaters are mobile, so instead of heating your whole apartment, you can move your space heater with you to only heat the room you’re in at the moment. While space heaters are known for requiring lots of electricity to run, there are a lot of newer energy-efficient models out there nowadays!

Moving to an Albany Apartment this winter?

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