Tips for Moving to an Apartment in Albany During the Winter Months

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Family sitting on moving boxesMoving to Albany this winter? The Capital region’s cold winter temperatures and inclement snow can add minor complications to the moving process. Luckily, the Albany area is a beautiful time to move regardless the season, and with a few minor adjustments, you can master the winter move. Here are our top five tips to making sure your winter move into an apartment in Albany is a breeze!

Protect Your New Floors
Before you or your movers start transporting your belongings into your new apartment, make sure you do your part to keep those floors looking clean! Constant traffic from snow and salt covered boots can quickly soil the pristine floors of your new place. Lay down used cardboard boxes, drop cloths, or plastic wrap and secure edges with scotch tape to make a leak-proof barrier between wet shoes and your carpets and floors.

Make Sure Your Utilities are Set Up
A surefire way to kill the momentum of any winter move is a dark and freezing cold apartment! Make sure you confirm ahead of time with the power company that the utilities are in your name and turned on and working a few days before your move. You may not notice the heat during the first half of the move when you’re going in and out, but when it comes time to unpacking your boxes, you’ll be thankful you checked ahead of time!

Be Mindful of Temperature-Sensitive Items
Houseplants aren’t the only items you have to worry about being damaged from the cold! As it turns out, ceramics and electronics are sensitive to fluctuations in temperature, too! Insulate your dishes and fine china in packing paper or foam pouches to prevent cracking and pack all electronics in one central box lined with towels to keep warm. Have these boxes be the ones you transport in your car versus the moving truck so you can insure the heat stays at a consistent temperature.

Keep Your Furniture Dry
As we all know, water and wood don’t mix! If your winter move happens to be on a day it’s forecasted to snow, prepare ahead of time by wrapping your furniture in stretch wrap, or extra large plastic wrap. Available at your local moving supply store, stretch wrap will insure your furniture has an extra layer of protection from the precipitation and prevent any unsightly watermarks or mildew from arising!

Have a Contingency Plan in Place
If there’s anything us Upstate New York locals know about the winter, it’s that you have to be flexible and plan for the worst-case scenario. State or local authorities may close major roadways during blizzards due to unsafe driving conditions, so be prepared if your moving truck can’t make it. Have a backup plan of what you can do and where you can stay in case the weather overtakes your moving day.

No Matter the Weather, It’s Always a Good Time to Move to Albany Lofts!

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