5 Easy Tricks for Soundproofing Your Loft Apartment in Albany

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Staying quiet in your apartment in AlbanyFor many apartment dwellers, unwanted noise is a fact of life. Whether it is the traffic noise outside, sound of tenants walking around above you, or the neighbor’s dog barking at all hours of the night, the unwanted noise can be maddening. On the flip-side, perhaps you want to avoid getting on your neighbors bad side when you want to practice your instrument. Whatever the reason, there are some simple soundproofing hacks for your apartment in Albany that can help cut down on the noise and keep the peace.

1. Weather-proof Your Front Door
If your door has a large gap underneath, this is a prime source for letting noise in. Sealing the air leaks around your front door will help quiet the noise of people walking by your apartment or conversing in the hallways. To accomplish this, simply add a door sweep to the bottom. This not only helps to soundproof your apartment, but keeps out dust, bugs, drafts, and moisture. To increase the soundproofing effect, be sure to add a door sweep to the inside and outside of the door.

2. Add Carpets to High Traffic Areas
If you have a neighbor below you who constantly complains about how you “stomp around” your apartment, or perhaps you have a pet who gets rambunctious, we have the perfect soundproofing solution for you. Nothing muffles the sounds of footfalls like a nice thick rug. High pill rugs are the best at absorbing noise, but almost any thick carpet will do the trick. The right area carpet also serves to give your living space character. If you need extra soundproofing, simply slip a thick density rug pad underneath the carpet.

3. Soundproof Curtains
Wood and glass amplify noise in a space, while adding soft surfaces can absorb a lot of noise. Using materials like cotton, foam, and felt are ideal for absorbing noise. This is where sound proof curtains come into play. Hang them over windows to block out traffic noise. You can also hang them on walls that you share with neighbors to cut down on the amount of conversations you overhear. While these curtains may not be the trendiest, you can always throw regular fabrics or curtains over top in the fun color or bold print of your choice to give your apartment more character.

4. Add Bookshelves and Other Thick Furniture
If you can hear what TV show your neighbor is watching you will definitely want to implement some soundproofing techniques to your walls. Adding bookshelves, or other thick furniture can help block out unwanted sounds. Be sure to add a thick piece of foam behind the bookcase, armoire, or couch to increase the sound blocking effects.

5. Utilize Wall Art
Wall art is not only a great way to make your apartment feel more like home, but can be great at reducing noise levels. Softer materials such as tapestries, or canvases are best for absorbing sound going in and coming out of your apartment, making it a win-win for you and your neighbors. Be sure to slip a piece of soundproofing foam into the back of the frame for increased sound blocking effects.

Apartment living does not have to mean living with unwanted noise! These 5 simple soundproofing hacks for your apartment in Albany are sure to reduce the noise and keep the peace between you and your neighbors. Always make sure the alterations you’re making to your apartment, however temporary, are safe and don’t create a fire hazard. Keep your foam and wall hangings away from lighting fixtures or heat sources. Also, don’t forget to go next door and talk to your neighbor about making similar changes to their apartment to help make everyone’s unit a little quieter.

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